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Brokers & CPAs - Exploring Fund Participation


Deciding Between Fund Creation or Participation: If you're a broker, choosing to establish your own fund or refer to an existing one requires thought. Will introducing a company-wide fund distract agents or is it less disruptive to establish a referral arrangement?  Is the time and learning curve worthwhile? Regulatory aspects and time commitment matter too.

Focus on Agent Retention:  While adding revenue is appealing, your core business model is attracting and retaining top agents. We're aligned on that. Our program prioritizes retaining top producers while building wealth and residual income.

Let's Talk Fund Participation:  We should meet to discuss how fund participation works, the involvement, time needed, and the advantages and risks. In adding a new revenue stream, let's explore potential benefits for you, your agents, and your firm. You and your agents receive referral fees for introducing clients. The fund invests in local properties; you share in the selling commission. You list properties on their eventual sale.

Agent Retention Through Involvement:  After setup of your own fund, a committee of your top agents reviews acquisitions and advises on fund investments. Their role strengthens retention, offering shared benefits for involvement. In a referral arrangement with another fund, you have impute on properties acquired by the fund, and share in the selling commission.

Simplicity in Participation:  The steps are straightforward. Once the fund is set up or your involvement in an existing one is confirmed, we provide agents a CE course. This course explains fund operations and how they gain from connecting clients with our reps. If the referral invests, agents earn a fee. The funds they bring in go to local properties, chosen by you or your top agent committee.




Client Investment Opportunity: Many clients want local real estate investments but lack time, know-how, or sufficient funds to go it alone. A fund offers passive investment with low entry.

Your Role: As a trusted CPA, safeguarding client interests comes first. Recommending investments can be tricky. Success doesn't directly benefit you, and failure could harm the client relationship.

Risk Mitigation:

  1. Smart Financing: Properties are held with little or no debt.

  2. Expert Management: Experienced and successful brokers will manage the fund.

  3. Full Transparency: Fund admin offers clear insight.

  4. Flexible Access: The fund provides liquidity options.

Referral Benefits: You receive referral and trailing fees on the capital contributed by referred investors. We can discuss details and even offer a CE class on private real estate fund workings. Let's connect.


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